Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wiki Spaces: Wiki's for everyone!


WikiSpaces For articles on using Wiki’s in education you could start here: Link to educational Wiki’s 

A wiki is a collection of linked web pages each of which can be edited and updated easily due to a relatively uniform page style and a simplified user interface. Each page typically has a page history, which allows undesirable edits to be reversed simply. Wikipedia is a prototypical example and there is a good collection of educational Wiki’s here Educational Wiki Examples

We were introduced to setting up a Wiki on Wikispaces the Link is here: WikiSpaces Using these in an educational context is a matter of assigning appropriate roles when setting up the wiki. On the free version you can set it up so that only members can edit pages, and then you could assign memberships to your class or whatever. Again this can be a great tool for co-operative learning.

Educational use

Wiki's are a good tool for co-operative and project work. This is a tool which can be used to consolidate learning by asking students to populate it with what they have learnt. In my opinion Wiki's are less useful as a presentation tool for a stand alone course, as one cannot guarantee that all pages of it are visited.

Further reading:

Wikispaces is not the only option available, the folowing page indexes a number of alternatives

Link Free Wiki’s
For articles on using Wiki’s in education you could start here:

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