Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comic Life Do more with your photographs

This is so far the only commercial product in this blog, licences are available for educational use at euro 14.95 on this web page: Comic Life Educational Sales
What is is it?
Its a series of comic style templates with lettering tools which allow you to create comic strips with your own images for content.
Educational use.
Apart from art and communications where the students can produce work either as individuals or group work, I think the following examples show how it can be used to increase student engagement.
A social and health education class used comics built by the students to explore issues such as bullying peer pressure and criminality.
A class for school age mothers presented health education material by having the students generate comic strips describing the issues from templates, which the students were then allowed to print out in color. Because being allowed to print in color was not the norm for budgetary reasons, the students were proud of their work and laminated them to take home.
Further reading:
There is a good tutorial on using the MAC version of the program here:
Link to Tutorial URL 
The tutorial is also applicable to a PC platform (that’s what we used in Malta) and there are further references at the end of that article.

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