Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photosynth, a new way of looking at lots of photographs – is a technology that stitches several digital photographs together This may be to form one very high resolution image, or more intriguingly it may be to form a virtual 3D image on an object where one can navigate from image to image using a virtual 3D model of the object. This whole process is carried out automatically within the software, all you input is a series of photographs with at least 50% overlap between them.–I’ve a sample one which shows the Cathedral in Glendalough hereMonastic Ruins at Glendalough
There is a Fun TED talk about this software hereTED Talk
Educational value
This could go into project work, group work or could be used in the context of an eTwinning relationship between two classes in different countries.
It could also be used to provide students with 3 D images of objects such as craftwork examples, or details of a construction method such as building a foundation or a dovetail joint.
I have used this program via both a MAC and a PC. you may, however, have to download and install some silverlight components to view the results, and this may present a problem if you don't have administrative control over your computer.

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