Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trailmeme A new way to guide tour parties on the web!

TrailMeme is a tool from the XEROX group which allows you to define a path through the web which other users can follow. The path can be linear or branched where users follow it by exploring a map.
As the authors of this web tool describe it "TrailMeme is a way to tell a story with web pages."
Here is the overview:
And as they say on all the best cooking shows: here's one I prepared earlier: This covers some of the tools I have described here.

Educational uses:
This could be a great tool for independent exploration of a topic. It could provide an introduction to a subject for a class, and could be a homework assignment.
Alternatly, you could ask your students to construct a trail to document the best resources they have found while researching a class project.
The posiblities are large, and as this tool is still in its infancy I think it has a lot of potential. This is one to watch.

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