Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo Story Three

  • PhotoStory3Image.PNGfree download from Microsoft) Note: Before you download this Microsoft want you to run licence check on your windows installation, this gives you a code which enables the download.
This is a very simple tool, which just allows you to combine pictures music narration and text to form a slide show. This can then be saved in video format, and played in class or dropped into a blog or a Wiki as one sees fit.
The program is pretty self explanatory. You drop photographs onto a timeline, and the program allows some simple photo editing so that you can crop, remove red eyes etc. Oe thing which may need a little more explanation is the start and end of motion concept. For each image you can specify a start and end section of the image for its display. For example you may have an image of St Patrick preaching, you can start with a general view of the whole image and zoom in while the picture is on screen to end on just his face.
There is a good tutorial document about how to use it from 
  • David Jakes,an american Instructional Technology Coordinator , here:
  • PDF from David Jakes which has more than enough information to get you started.
Educational uses
The obvious one is to put together a presentation for classroom use, less obvious is letting students use it for projects, group work, book reviews etc. As this is a Microsoft product, its likely to be seen as threat free by your IT department and thus easy to get installed on classroom machines. After that the students just upload images, or gather them from appropriate sources on the web, add music, and narration and they have quite an impressive piece of work as a result.
MAC equivalent:
IMovie08 There is a tutorial on how to do the equivalent of photostorythree in Imovie 08 here

Further reading: is a Wiki on pbworks, dedicated to photo story three. It looks very good
Digital story telling page from the pbworks Wiki, giving links to general digital sory telling resources.

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